6 Reasons for the Ultimate Lean Diet

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Most so-called “diets” are useless, can be dangerous, and are a scam to get your money.

Why should you quit to worry about your diet?

Here are 6 reasons:

  1. Diets are useless. Your body gets used to them and once you have stopped a diet, you gain more weight than you had before. Everybody should have heard of this Yo-Yo effect.
  2. Diets can be dangerous. Especially extreme diets can lead to malnutrition and severe health issues. Google is your friend (7.56 million results for Dangerous Diets).
  3. Diets are a scam. In most cases, somebody wants so sell you special food or expensive services. Just google for Diet Scam (currently > 10 million results) and look for trustworthy sources.
  4. Overweight can be caused by stress. That’s called Cushing’s Syndrome. Reduce stress instead of dieting (besides, dieting is stress, too).
  5. Slight overweight (BMI between 25 and 30) can increase your lifetime expectancy. This has been researched, e.g. by this study, published in JAMA. Stay sceptical. As usual, there should be a scientific controversy about that. Look out for that, too.
  6. Eating to much or too little is a kind of diet as well. If you are starving or force-feeding yourself, you will have to live with the consequences. Switch over to moderately “normal” eating (no 500 or 5.000 calories diet…).

Bonus reason:

  1. So-called “Light” products are evil. You know why.

To put it into three words: diets are waste. Cut down that waste. Empower yourself. Enjoy its simplicity:

Here is my question: How do you feel about quitting your diet? Just leave a comment.

Disclaimer: This post is no medical advice, but just an opinion.

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