Root out of Reach

Roots. This image is CC0!

Although it is a good idea to dig deeply in order to find root causes, you can go too deep.

If you come to root causes like the following, you need to find a workaround.

  • I was born this way.
  • This is how I was raised by my parents.
  • This is deeply ingrained into our culture, belief, nation, or the likes.
  • This happened to me, and I cannot make it undone.
  • This is a fact of life I cannot beat.

Continue the list, if you want. If you dig deeply, any root cause will be that the world has come into existence as it is. Not of much use to blame the Big Bang.

Because it will be always possible to find a root cause out of your control, you can stop digging deeper once you have found such a cause. Now you have two choices:

  • You can simply act as if your root cause does not exist. That means: just ignore it. Imagine a world were exactly this fact is not a given. How would you behave then? Is this behavior really impossible because of your root cause, or did you just miss the opportunity?
  • Change the way you handle unbeatable root causes. Consider how you have adapted to the current situation, how you act in face of the problem. There is always the opportunity to act just differently, if you cannot get rid of an issue.

Ok there is a caveat, but this will be topic of a later post.

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