What are the Top (and Flop) Lean Self Pages?

Lean Self Statistics

(C) 2013, Jens R. Woinowski, leanself.org

I was wondering what people like to read on leanself.org and looked at the data of the last month:

Top 5:

  1. How to Reduce Rework Waste
  2. Fishy Affairs (Finding Complex Root Causes)
  3. What was the Root Cause? (Exercise)
  4. What is Over-Processing Waste?
  5. 3 Stages of Successful Habit Forming

Flop 5:

  1. Comfort Zones Are a Dangerous Game
  2. Make a List of Your Comfort Zones
  3. Improve something. Now.
  4. Infographic: Integrated Self-Management
  5. What About Other Waste?

Here is my question: Does this tell more about my readers or more about my writing? What do you think?

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