What is Quantified Self?

Vintage Gauges. This image is CC0!

Everybody who uses a scale to weigh himself regularly knows quantified self on a small scale.

As of now, most of it is from the realm of body data.
Most of the following examples are fairly common, but there are no limits to your fantasy.

  • Body weight and body dimensions (like height or waist)
  • Duration and repetition of sports and exercises
  • Calorie intake
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Work hours
  • Daily sleep hours and sleep rhythm

Quantified Self is both an old idea and a new movement. Benjamin Franklin measured his adherence to 13 virtues daily. Nowadays you find a lot of modern applications on the Quantified Self web site (www.quantifiedself.com).

Because you get the complete picture by visiting the web site of Quantified Self, I do not want to repeat the details here. Just be sure to come back, because it is an element of Lean Self, if not the full picture.

Besides, be careful not to overdo it. Quantified Self implies measurements, lists, and a lot of data. Looking at it from a Lean point of view, there is the risk of inventory waste and over-processing.

There are two aspects of Lean Self which definitely require quantification. You already saw a lot about measuring waste earlier, so you might guess it already: How do you measure value?

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