What are your goals? Why? Why? Why?

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It is time to start with some exercises in Lean Self. Allow five to ten minutes for that, not more. Take pen and paper to write down the result. Do not spend too much time on it, it should be spontaneous. This is not an academic exam.

Exercise 1: Name three goals you have in life. One for the up-coming year, one for the next three years and one you want to achieve before you die.

Make these goals concrete as in the examples given in the last post. They need not be realistic, but they should also not be absolutely off the track. Then proceed with the next exercise. Write down the results.

Exercise 2: For each of the three goals ask yourself “Why do I want that?” Repeat asking “Why?” for each answer four or five times.

Let your answers linger a day, then do your root value analysis.

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