Have You Tried Visual Management for Kids?

Visual Management for Kids

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The snapshot above is the morning scoreboard for our kid.

Every morning during the week, we have a tight schedule. Both my wife and I work full time. The little one needs to get into kindergarten on time, in order for us to be in our offices on time, too.

For some time, the routine had become sloppy. Which made it a real challenge to get everything done timely before leaving the house. The root cause behind it was that our kid was not coming out of bed. And when he was in the bathroom finally, he was sitting around if not constantly monitored. We saw a lot of waiting waste to be reduced.

So we came up with this classical scoreboard, which we called “Morning Stars”. Actually, you will find no stars on it. We just wanted to start it, and what we had in the house were the emblems you see in the picture.

On weekdays, a “star” was awarded if we left the house in time. On the weekend, the “star” was given if he woke us up nicely, instead of jumping into our bed and making a lot of noise. 🙂

Finally, we promised a small gift for a scoreboard that is nicely filled. We did not give a firm count of “stars” required, because positive feedback was the main driver. With a pre-school kid you can overdo it with numerical measures…

It worked very well. Guess what we learned during this process:

Meaning that the true root cause of the sloppy routine of course were not our kid’s habits, but how we adults managed them.

Another learning: Our kid is so proud of his scoreboard that he wants to put it onto his room door. He wants everybody to see his achievement. So much about internal versus external motivation…

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