Goals are not values

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So, what are goals?

Goals are milestones for your efforts to create value.

As life goes, you may change your attitude. So from time to time you should review your goals and values. This is part of the continuous improvement, which I am going to discuss in a future post.

Finding the right values for your own life is the key both for quality of life and for Lean Self. Some important values are easy to identify, like:

  • Security. Without security, all other values are in danger. This starts with simple things like having a place to live and enough food. Security from external threats goes into the same direction.
  • Freedom. Freedom and self-empowerment are not the same, but without the right degree of freedom, self-empowerment will fail. Sometimes, you may want to fight for your freedom.
  • Respect. Just like freedom and security, being respected is a basic need of every human being. This includes self-confidence and a feeling of achievement.

These three examples are closely linked to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, but I do not want to go into the fine details. Nevertheless, already with only these examples you can see the trade-offs between different values. Consider the following situation: You may have a job which is well paid and the risk of losing it is low. Your boss does not show very much respect for your work, and the job is rather boring. Would you quit your job, risking unemployment? Would you look for a new job, not knowing if it will be good for your self-confidence?

Actually, most value decisions in your life will be driven by such trade-offs, and only some you can circumvent by searching for different values in different surroundings (e.g., security in the job, respect and love at home, and freedom and adventure in your sports club).

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