What Did You Learn in School?

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Tomorrow is special. Our child will have his first day in school.

I want to use this occasion to present a book recommendation. Suitable to the event, of course.

This is the book: Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade.

I highly recommend this book if you want to learn about Lean. Also, it is a good collection of examples of the application of Lean beyond manufacturing. All major concepts of Lean are introduced. I’m not listing them here, just get your copy or the kindle reading sample ;-).

PS: The school my kid will attend might not be as Lean as the one described in the book.
PPS: It is a public school. Germany surely is not the inventor of Lean Gouvernment/Lean Administration. I don’t expect miracles.

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2 comments on “What Did You Learn in School?

  1. william on said:

    We enrolled our daughter into a Kindergarten (ha, German word) here in Japan. She loves the idea of school and learns well (she taught herself to read Japanese by age 3 years 1 month) but the environment was too controlled for her. We’ll keep her at home for another year at least. Teach her English and Dutch.

    • Jens R. WoinowskiJens R. Woinowski on said:


      our little one loved his Kindegarten time. But maybe it is not the same experience in a Japanese one…

      At least he learned a little English there, too.


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