Muscle and Body Fat? Yes – but different!

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Imagine each day of your life was a human body. Imagine your days having body parts, like bones and organs. Now concentrate on three elements: Muscle, body fat, and brain.

Muscles are all those minutes and hours in your days that add value to your life. Body fat stands for wasted time. This is the opposite of quality time, waste of value or even destroying it. The Brain is time you use the keep your days in good working order and improve yourself.

Lean Self is about that: Use your brain to improve your days’ muscle corset and to reduce their body fat.

Do you want to have well-shaped days and improve your life’s quality? Then Lean Self is just the right approach for you.

Lean Self is self-improvement for people who do not read self-improvement books. Join me on this journey and make an amazing discovery: the principles of Lean Management can be applied to every-day-life. Welcome to a world of continuously improving yourself.

Empower yourself and join the Lean Self tribe!

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