Do a “Red Tag Session.” Do It Now.

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Exercise 26: Do a “Red Tag Session.” Do it Now.

Remember my last post about chaotic islands? I shortly mentioned the red tag concept. The idea is simple: items that are not regularly used in a work environment are marked with a red tag. If you look up “red tag 5S”, you will find lots of examples for commercially used red tags. I think for the home use they are far to complicated.

You can do it very simple and just mark items (or storage places) with a red sticky note that need to be cleaned up or removed. You can do it more sophisticated and put one of these dates date on the red tag:

  • When you used the item the last time
  • Today
  • Planned removal date, if the item is not used until then

Wherever you are, allow ten minutes for this exercise. Look around and identify unused items or (hidden) storages. Mark them with a red tag.

OK, what is Step 2? Have a look a this exercise.

How many tags did you need? I’d be happy to read it in a comment.

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