Time is not Money – Time is Life

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Everybody knows it. Time that has past cannot be replenished. What is gone is gone. But who acts according to this knowledge?

I have no scientific statistics to back this claim up, but I dare to say: nobody uses all of his time wisely and few people use most of it well.

What could be the root causes? I think the most important is a kind of asymmetry.

You can buy the time of other people so that they do something for you instead of themselves. Companies do it all the time. You can even sell your own time. On the other hand, it is not possible to buy your own time.

Surely, you can buy other people’s time in order to get some spare time. For example, when you bring your car (or bicycle) to the repair shop that is exactly what happens. It is even twofold: The professional is quicker than you and you need not repair your own car, freeing up some time.

But you cannot go to a “time shop” and buy time. Imagine how cool that dialog would be:

“Two hours please.”
“Sure. Would you use it right now or shall I pack it?”
“I need it now, must catch a train.”
“OK, here we are. Fifty dollars, please.”

Absurd, isn’t it? But people often behave exactly as if they could buy time back they have lost somewhere along the line.

No you see why waiting is waste.

What do you think?

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