How Would You Like a Match “Fun vs. Obstacles”? (Exercise)

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Today I want to deliver an exercise that visualizes why you do not have as much fun as you would like.

This exercises works only if you have some personal kanban solution for your to-dos implemented. If you don’t have an “Impediments” column on your kanband board (like on the portable board), add one.

Exercise: Take some sticky notes. On five notes you put “Fun Activities I would like to do.” On five notes you put “Obstacles that prevent me from having fun.”

Put the “Fun” cards on your “Waiting” column. You can even pull one into “Work in Progress” if there is enough space. Put the “Obstacle” cards on the “Impediments” column.

And now? Impediments have top priorities. Do something against them. Maybe you should start with a root cause analysis to get the right action items for your improvement plan.

The first one you who reports an obstacle that has been removed by using an A6 has the chance to publish his A6 on this blog.

Are you joining the challenge?


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