The One Question You Should Not Lie About…

Slippery Wet. This image is CC0!

There is a question, often asked as an act of politeness. It is deeply rooted into the protocols of greeting and meeting. It is difficult to answer. It is seldomly answered truthfully.

There is a second question you should answer without lying. But this question (revealed at the end of this post) cannot be answered wrongly if you reply to “How are you?” sincerely.

How to keep track of your answers to “How are you?”

  • Put a traffic light onto your personal dashboard.
  • Make a tally sheet with two or three columns: “Fine”, “Undecided” (optional), “Bad.” Put a mark on it at least once a day. You can also use this to measure office, team, or family happiness. It can be on your personal dashboard as well. Once every month make a check. Add the “Undecided” results to the category which has more marks.
  • If you want something more tangible, use two or three thick-walled glasses and a large set of marbles or equally sized stones. Put a marble or stone into the right glass instead of making a mark on the tally sheet.

Here is the second question: “Do you (still) love me?” Well, as everybody knows, danger is lurking around the corner when this question is asked 🙂

So, tell me: how are you today?

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