Why Settle for a Baby and a Little Patch of Land?

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You surely know Albert Hammond’s song about the Free Electric Band. Here is a part of it that inspired me to write today’s post:

She’d settle for suburbia and a little patch of land
So I gave her up for music and the Free Electric Band.

I want to use this song to illustrate one of the five Lean Self principles in the context of parenthood: “You define value.”

The whole song is about someone who rejects social norms and values like education, career, and family in favour of making music. In a way it is typical for a sub-genre of folk or pop songs of the 1960s and 1970s about the eternal conflict between youth and adults. “She’s leaving home” from the Beatles and Cat Stevens’ “Father and Son” come to my mind immediately.

From a Lean Self point of view, these songs circle around one central question:

The result is always the same: the parents are not the ones who define value in the long run. It is always the next generation. If you are a parent, you better get along with that fact. It starts when the kids go to kindergarten or first grade.When did it start for you and your parents/children?

PS: Albert Hammond has three children and his son (Albert Jr.) is making music for a living. I also bet Albert Sr. did not settle for a little patch of land (or a condo…), but I could not find information about that.

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