How to Create Your Kanban Board with CardBoard Index Cards

Kanban with CardBoard. © 2014, Jens R. Woinowski,

Maybe you already have seen my CardBoard app in Google Play.

In the most recent version I have added some Kanban (or Scrum) support. One big advantage of this app over other Kanban solutions is that it is not requiring any internet access or external server to run. That means, your private data and to-dos are as safe as they can be on an Android device.

Here is how to use the app as your personal Kanban solution:

  1. Download and start CardBoard Index Cards from Google Play (Amazon App Market availability is planned).
  2. The app already starts with an empty board in an empty board set.
  3. Insert the Kanband add-on into that card set. Tap the “Insert Add-On” button and choose “Kanban”, then OK. BtnDBInsertTypes (Swipe to the left on the button row to find that button).
  4. Open the board “New Kanban Board” with the “Open Board” button: BtnLayOpen(Swipe to the left on the button row to find that button).
  5. Rename this board if you want (recommended) with the “Rename Board” button: BtnLayName
  6. To create cards, you have various options. The easiest is to use the quick insert feature. Just tap on the card on the top of any column (e.b. “NEXT”), then “Quick New Card”: BtnCardNewQuick
  7. When you drag around a card between the columns, the color and card type automatically changes.
  8. If you want to create a new board set in the future, you can use the “New Board Set” Button. BtnDBNew(Swipe to the left on the button row to find that button).
  9. Don’t forget to check out the various options which you can find in the settings menu of CardBoard to optimize your experience with the app. For example, enable overlapped cards. You can alse replace the cork background and switch to a more modern appearance.

CardBoard Settings. © 2014, Jens R. Woinowski,

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