The Winners: Lean Beyond Award 2013

Lean Beyond Award 2013. Badge may only used by permission. © 2013 Jens R. Woinowski,

Finally, I can present you the winners of the Lean Beyond Award 2013. Collecting candidates was not as easy as expected, but finally I got some nominations via my twitter feed. I hope you like my choice of winners and can take some valuable suggestions from their posts.

If you are a winner and see this post before I contact you, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail. You have earned the right to put the award badge on your blog (get the badge here). If you want, you can even present a guest post right on

The award is given in five categories: Define Value. Eliminate Waste. Empowerment. Pull Value. Improve Continuously.

Define value: Futurespective: “To-do & Not to do” these are the action items to get things done. (Shirly Ronen-Harel)

Futurespectives are not only about identifying valuable goals for the future, but also about finding the success factors. Looking out for possible failures, the focus is sharpened more.

“Futurespective can be a fantastic tool to serve this purpose (although we can use it for a lot more than that). It gives a good sense of control over the issues ahead and leads to practical action to enable better goals achievement.”

Eliminate Waste: Lean: DO Try This at Home (Bernita Beikmann)

This is an application of 5S principles at home. The ideas range from organizing daily activities to travel preparation and meal planning.

“Is there any waste in your current household processes? Write the steps down, and see what you could do to fix them. You can avoid some of the crazy mornings and have more pleasant times with your kids…”

Empowerment: You Got the Power. Use with Caution (Caleb Storkey)

The Lean Self principle of self-empowerment has a counterpart: empower others. This post shows what can happen if empowerment takes the wrong direction or is abused — a frightening but also positively challenging and mindful post.

“When we are in positions of power, do we ever abuse it? How do we mistreat the trust that is placed in us? Are we aware of how the pressures we face, seemingly justify damaging behaviour?”

Pull Value: Personal Kanban for a Well Oiled Machine (Patty Beidleman)

In this post, the application of Kanban to organize family life is explained very well. Showing family empowerment through Lean tools at its best, this post also has some nice photos that show how a Personal Kanban solution looks in real life.

“Each kanban board is a direct reflection of our family, where we are all at together in our lives, and it brings us closer together.”

Continuos Improvement: What Experts Are Saying About the Adjacent Possible (Tony Khuon)

The concept of the Adjacent Possible stemms from biology. It suggests that at any given moment in time, things can only make progress in certain prescribed ways. While this may be seen as limitation, the true power of this concept comes from the fact that once the adjacent possible has become real, options for new development will show up.

“The Adjacent Possible suggests that remote, outlandish ideas can’t be reached until you explore the area in-between first.”

The following blogs did not make it onto the list of winners. They have been suggested to me via twitter, but did not have content suitable to the Lean Beyond Award criteria in posts from 2013.

You can apply for the 2014 award or nominate others throughout the whole year. I’m looking forward to your posts and ideas. If you want some post to be listed next year, contact me!


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