Are Your House Rules Value Driven? (Exercise)

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Do you have familiy rules? Are you working in a team that has team rules? Do you have house rules that visitors have to accept? Would you prefer that people behave according to these rules? Then today’s exercise is for you.

Exercise: Have a close look at your family/team/house rules. Are they value driven? Make them value driven or remove them.

If a rule is value driven, check if it the value is clearly visible for everybody. If not, check if the rule can be improved by finding the core value that is behind it.

If you have no rules at hand for this exercise, look at this family rules example I found on

  1. Treat other people and their property respectfully.
  2. Knock on closed doors before entering.
  3. Pick up after yourself.
  4. Turn off electronics after dinner.
  5. Apologize if you’ve hurt someone’s feelings.
  6. Tell the truth.
  7. Attend family meetings once a week.

Be sure to do the exercise before you have a look at their source on The rules are explained there, that could spoil the experience. You can compare your result with the explanation on later.

Would you like to share your results? Just leave some examples in the comments!

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