Six Tips for Self-Empowerment

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Today you get another glimpse at the Lean Self Pocket Edition.

  1. Empowerment has two roots – internal and external
    • It can come from within yourself – this is the only source you can control
    • External empowerment can be required – but it tends to be unreliable
  2. Defining value and eliminating waste are important for self-empowerment
    • Value is the compass for your road towards empowerment
    • Waste is the dead weight that keeps you from achieving it
  3. External empowerment is a double-edged sword
    • It comes at a price: whoever empowers you has the power to revoke
    • You may need to fight for it, which costs resources and is a waste indicator
    • Opportunism can lead a long way, but sooner or later you are on your own
  4. Identify and quit self-destructive behavior
    • Don’t speak or think derogatively about yourself
    • Don’t say “I must …” – say “I want to … because …”, pointing to added value
    • Learn to say no – but in a constructive manner, offering alternatives
  5. Others deserve empowerment, too
    • At least try not to sabotage others
    • If you follow this advice you will see: supporting others empowers you
  6. Act “as if” you are empowered already to start with self-empowerment

What have I missed? Leave a reply.

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