5 Reasons to Quit Waiting for Your Dreams to Come True

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Imagine the following dialogue:

Person #1: “Since I am 17 I wanted to learn the Italian language.”
Person #2: “You are 67, what happened to your dream in the last 50 years?”
Person #1: “Well, somehow things never came out as expected. I never had enough time.”
Person #2: “OK. But you are retired for some years already. Don’t you have the time now?”
and so on…

I learned a lot from that short exchange, but first, let me ask two (rhethorical :-)) questions:

  1. Do you think this is a constructed example? No, nearly exactly the same happened to me yesterday. I was in the role of person #2.
  2. Do you know what really frightens me? That I might be person #1 when I’m 67.

There is one funny (or creepy) thing about this dialogue: about a week earlier I had grabbed a list of the 1000 most frequent Italian words and started to learn a little vocabulary. Can you imagine the feeling of synchronicity I had during the discussion?

  1. Waiting is waste.
  2. Time is not money. Time is life.
  3. When you wait too long it may never happen.
  4. If your to-do list is empty, there is no fun.
  5. Action is character.

Just imagine you where in the shoes of person #1, but you had started to learn Italian at the age of 17. If you had learnt bare 15 minutes a day until your 67th birthday, that would be about 4’500 hours of learning.

A good trick to overcome this waiting may be to start with a mini habit. Read about mini habits in this post.




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One comment on “5 Reasons to Quit Waiting for Your Dreams to Come True

  1. Joel Gross on said:

    I was person 1 just a few months ago. Always wanted to start a blog and to grow into an author. Never did. Made every excuse not to: I don’t have enough experience, I don’t have time, I’m not a good writer, etc . . .

    Then one day I was watching my two daughters playing in their toy room, and I was thinking about their future and what they would become. More than anything, I wanted them to find a passion in life and to pursue it with all their hearts. Then it hit me . . . How could I teach them to follow a passion, when I demonstrated the exact opposite. 3 months in and I finally feel like I am doing something that inspires me, and hopefully on a different level, my children as well.

    My advice, whatever your inspiration, when it hits, seize it and don’t let go. Change starts with you.

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