Agile Kaizen: Speeding Up Continuous Improvement

Agile Kaizen, Click to read the full post. © 2014 Jens R. Woinowski,

Today I present you a guest post I have written for Joel Gross, author of TheKaizone Blog. Joel posts about Lean Thinking and Continuous Improvement for Business and for Life.

One core principle of Lean is continuous improvement. While in theory the idea is simple and tools like A3s support it, the reality is much more complicated. As long as non-trivial processes are involved, the risk of slow or failed improvement is high. Agile Kaizen, which is suggested in this post, may be the answer to speed up and raise the chances of sustainable change.

If you have seen enough continuous improvement activities in real life, you may have seen this anti-pattern:

Continue to read the full post on TheKaizone.

I also recommend to follow Joel’s blog regurlarly. You will find advice for Lean in the business world, but also far beyond that, like for tackling the baby feeding frenzy. I should also mention that I do not only like the contents of Joel’s posts but also his writing style and humour.

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