Action is character

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Have you been to the movies lately? How do you judge characters in a movie, by their talk or by their actions? What about movie characters saying one thing and doing another? “Action is character” is a general rule for movie (and novel) writers. At its best, a difference between action and talking is a good source for conflicts in a story. At its worst, characters will be unbelievable or flat.

Real life is just the same. One purpose of Lean Self is to help you improve your actions so that they are in line with your values. Simply changing your attitude towards life and its troubles will not change a lot.

A good way to understand actions is to see them as part of an ongoing process, comprised of many actions. Understanding your life as a process will help you to apply Lean Self methods to implement change. As a matter of fact, continuous improvement, which we have discussed earlier, is a process, too.

Read more about continuous improvement.

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    great site and great articles and insights! keep up the good work!

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