What About Other Waste?

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You may have seen other waste, which is not covered by the Lean categories. Like waste of money, waste of time, waste of environment, or waste of resources. A closer look reveals: most, if not all, other types of waste can be reduced by addressing the classical categories. Some examples:

  • Waste of money can be caused by any of the other waste types.
  • Waste of time is waiting waste or waste of intellect.
  • Waste of environment is mostly caused by over-production or transportation.
  • Waste of resources depends on the type of resources wasted, but typically over-production, over-processing, and inventory will be the main drivers.

There may be types of waste not discussed in Lean Self. There is a 90% chance that you do not need to discuss them. Because reducing waste following Lean Self categories will avoid other waste, too.

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