7+1 Reasons Why a Bicycle Vacation is Lean

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Did you ever consider a bicycle vacation? Heare are eight reasons why you should consider a bicycle vacation:

  • Less Waiting Waste: You most probably won’t stand in a traffic jam and you don’t sit around in train stations or airports.
  • Less Inventory Waste: You cannot pack very much stuff, if you have to carry it by bike.
  • Less Motion Waste: All of the motion on the bicycle is good for your health and can be a lot of fun.
  • No Rework: Well, what should you rework?
  • Less Over-production Waste: You cannot take unused fly-by photos while riding a bike.
  • Less Over-processing Waste: You need to focus on a few touristical highlights, instead of jamming three or four sites into one day.
  • Less Transportation Waste: Fewer inventory means fewer transportation.
  • Less Waste of Intellect (bonus): Riding a bike is much mure stimulation for your brain than flying or driving by car or train.

As you can see, Lean thinking can even improve your vacation time.

What do you think? I’m looking forward to your responses.

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