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Jack-o’-Lantern, Common Sense, and Lean

Halloween Pumpkin. This image is CC0!

Often I hear people say “Lean is great, it is common sense practically applied.” I usually ignore this, because you could not say a lot about Lean which is more wrong than this statement.

As a rule of thumb, you could remember the following:

Why is that so? Let’s have a look at my last weekend. I was preparing a Jack-o’-Lantern for the garden together with my son.

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The Two Ugly Faces of Waste

Dusty Bottles - This image is CC0!

Recently, while as was standing with my bike at a red traffic light, I had time for some thoughts about waste. I did not think about any special type of waste.[1] Just the word “waste” itself was what I mulled over. In Lean, you have a very distinct view on waste. Basically you can condense it to:

Two classical examples are over-production waste and waste of intellect. This is well understood in Lean. Read more ›

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7 Simple Empowerment Hacks

The Coaching Booster - Coaching with Agile and Lean Methods

I have been away from this blog for a while. One of the reasons was that I was in the final rounds of writing a book together with Shirly Ronen-Harel (author of “Agile Kids”):  “The Coaching Booster – Coaching with Agile and Lean Methods”. It’s finished now, and as a teaser I want to share some hacks from the empowerment chapter with you.
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Are You Getting Depressed by Lean?

Slippery Wet. This image is CC0!

When you browse through Lean Management pages on the internet, you may have seen it yourself: reports about small success rates and comments about misunderstood Lean leading to bad consequences. From time to time I sense a level of frustration in those discussions that may have its very own source in Lean itself.

I advocate to apply Lean not only at work, but to improve your quality of life. Which immeditely raises three questions: Read more ›

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Happy New Year: Doing Less But Better

Happy New Year to all my readers. Today I want to share a presentation I found on slideshare. It’s not exactly from the Lean world but anyhow it is a good inspiration to start a new year.

The author of this presentation, Greg McKeown, has written a book I added to my reading list – Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. Have a look at his site.

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