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Do You Listen to Your Own Advice?

This Wednesday, I was fighting against my bicycle. Half of the distance to work I had the feeling to drive uphill. What went wrong? Flashback to exactly two months ago. Click To Tweet

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Value Trade-Off: Why I Post Less

You may have noticed that I post less. There is a simple reason for that: value trade-off. Until recently, I used to go to the office via public transport. That was a lot of wasted time that I filled with

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5 Reasons to Quit Waiting for Your Dreams to Come True

Imagine the following dialogue: Person #1: “Since I am 17 I wanted to learn the Italian language.” Person #2: “You are 67, what happened to your dream in the last 50 years?” Person #1: “Well, somehow things never came out

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Welcome to the World of Mini Habits

The journey into Lean Self blogging is very fascinating for me. Sometimes I come up with patently absurd ideas, like micro-meditation or the Lean diary. Then I discover somebody else who made a cool method out of it before. Today

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Start Your Lean Diary Today

Some time ago I introduced the idea of a Lean Diary. The Lean Diary: One word per day. Weekly and monthly retrospectives. That’s it. #leandiary Click To Tweet Exercise: Start your Lean Diary today. Continue for at least a month.

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