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The Two Ugly Faces of Waste

Recently, while as was standing with my bike at a red traffic light, I had time for some thoughts about waste. I did not think about any special type of waste.[1] Just the word “waste” itself was what I mulled

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Why Motion is Not Work

The most astonishing result of my “Worst Waste Survey” (on the sidebar) so far is that out of 47 votes exactly 0 (zero) votes are for motion waste. This is an interesting contrast to a quote from Taichi Ohno in

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How I Got Rid of My T-Shirt Collection

Do you take home t-shirts from your vacation or from special events? Then maybe you have an awesome collection of shirts. My advice: get rid of it, it is inventory waste. I did not use most of my souvenir t-shirts

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Take Part in the “Worst Waste” Reader Survey

I’m sure you have read a lot about waste and the waste types in Lean. I would like to know a little about your view on waste. Take Part in the ‘Worst Waste’ Reader Survey Click To Tweet No personal

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The Dangers of Waiting Waste, Revisited

Some time ago, a friend of our neighbor turned 72 and ordered a very big recreational vehicle. It would have cost 160’000€, but before it was delivered the doctors discouvered a vicious type of cancer. He cancelled the order and

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