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5 Principles of Lean Self

Lean Self is the consequent application of Lean Management principles to all aspects of life. First of all, here are the five core principles of Lean Self: You are the one who defines what makes your life valuable. Identify how

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Self-improvement for skeptics

Here is my main reason to write about Lean Self. To my mind, the self-help industry is somewhat dubious. A lot of it falls into one or more of the following categories: Promotion of wishful thinking, aka visualization of goals,

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The Dishwasher Discovery: Lean at home

Some time ago, I made an amazing discovery while emptying the dishwasher. I had started to dig into Lean Management principles and was thinking about it while doing housework. I quickly saw that the Lean approach is not only suitable

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Muscle and Body Fat? Yes – but different!

Imagine each day of your life was a human body. Imagine your days having body parts, like bones and organs. Now concentrate on three elements: Muscle, body fat, and brain.

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