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Forget about attitude, change your behaviour

Since you are reading these lines, I assume you want to change something in your life. At least, you are interested in self-improvement topics. Now there is a hen and egg problem: to change your life, do you first need

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Infographic: Integrated Self-Management

Enjoy this poster/infographic As a celebration for over a month continuous blogging… As a sign that I will definitely continue the journey… As a thank you for my readers… (Right click on the image and choose “Save target as…” to

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Result orientation considered harmful

Suppose you want to teach a child how to ride a bicycle. You give a bike to the child and tell it to drive. The goal is clear: a smooth ride. So you do not give any hints how the

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Action is character

Have you been to the movies lately? How do you judge characters in a movie, by their talk or by their actions? What about movie characters saying one thing and doing another? “Action is character” is a general rule for

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Define. Eliminate. Empower. Pull. Improve.

How can you memorize the 5 principles of Lean Self? It is easy: DEEP+ D – Define Value E – Eliminate Waste E – Empower Yourself P – Pull Value + – (Plus) Improve Continuously How do you like that

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