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How to Apply Process Thinking to Your Life

In an earlier post, I suggested to understand life as a process. Let us continue along that line of thinking. Whenever you are doing something, you can ask yourself some questions: What am I doing, what is the concrete action

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What is Rework Waste?

The definition of rework is simple: If you fix something because you did not do it correctly the first time that is rework. Rework is doing things more than once because the first results are faulty. Click To Tweet I

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Blame the Process, Not Yourself or Others

Assume something did not work out as you intended it. Are you starting to blame yourself? Maybe even other people are happy to see you as the guilty one who messed up. When you have to do the same thing

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How is Inventory Waste Measured and Reduced?

How is inventory measured? Click To Tweet It is quite simple: number of items, space required for storage (count storage units, measure length or volume, calculate storage cost), cost of the items (buying or renting), or any combination of these.

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Task Switching is Motion Waste

This type of motion waste is not as obvious: switching between tasks. Every time you interrupt something in order to do something else, you need to adjust. People who do a lot of task switching can easily lose half of

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