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Attack the Root Cause, Not the Symptoms

When something is causing us trouble, the natural reaction is to fix it quickly. Such troubles can be waste, as discussed earlier, but a lot of other things can go wrong, too. Unfortunately, just fixing things quickly can be the

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What Do YOU Want to Read in this Blog?

You have read a lot about waste and waste reduction in my posts until now. But there is so much more about Lean Self. For example, the 5 Principles of Lean Self, or the Integrated Self-Management approach. Just look at

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Waste Trade-Off

It should be clear from the discussion of waste reduction: there is a trade-off between the various types of waste. If you want to reduce one kind of waste, you may be forced to accept a little more of another

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How to Reduce Waste of Intellect

Since objectively measuring waste of intellect is difficult, reduction is difficult, too. Here are some ideas, but no perfect strategies: Do not attend meetings with more than five participants or without a clear agenda. Regular meetings should either be intentional

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What About Other Waste?

You may have seen other waste, which is not covered by the Lean categories. Like waste of money, waste of time, waste of environment, or waste of resources. A closer look reveals: most, if not all, other types of waste

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