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How to Reduce Transportation Waste

Transportation waste can cost you a lot of money and time. Moving things around does not add much value. What can you do to eliminate it? First option, of course, is to make only unavoidable transports. However, this is more

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What is Waste of Intellect?

Waste of intellect is brainpower used for wasteful things. Click To Tweet My first example for intellect waste comes from the waiting waste section. I hope you like the others as well. If you have a to-do list which is

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How to Reduce Over-Processing

As I said, over-processing is difficult to detect and therefore, to reduce. You need to prevent it. The only successful way to reduce over-processing is prevention. What can you do? Most important it is to apply the second rule of

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How To Reduce Over-Production

How do you reduce over-production? The basic rule is simple: Before producing something, check if it adds value. Click To Tweet It is best not to reduce over-produced results, because then the damage has had its impact already. You need

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What is Transportation Waste?

When I commute I carry a large backpack with me: Laptop, power adapter, tablet, food for the day, letters, pens, two mobile phones, notes, sometimes a book or two. You name it, it is in there; we are talking about

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