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How to Use A6 Thinking (aka A3)

The picture above shows an improvement plan in a special format. I will discuss this in today’s post. If you have not read my post on the elements of an improvement plan, I suggest to do that first. Now you

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What are the Elements of an Improvement Plan?

A good improvement plan does not need much. Basically, there are three kinds of improvement plans: Increasing value, reducing waste, or both. Check out: What a good improvement plan should contain. Click To Tweet

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How to Compare Complex Alternatives

When you want to compare complex options, it is a good idea to look at the features of each option. Click To Tweet You can do this with a morphological box. In this post, I continue my recent post “Where

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What are the Top (and Flop) Lean Self Pages?

I was wondering what people like to read on and looked at the data of the last month: Top 5: How to Reduce Rework Waste Fishy Affairs (Finding Complex Root Causes) What was the Root Cause? (Exercise) What is

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Where to Eat Out or How to Find the Right Priorities

Life is full of choices. Click To Tweet You may say that in a world of restrictions freedom is often limited to choosing between options. As Immanuel Kant wrote: “Freedom is the insight into necessity.” Sorry about the name-dropping here,

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