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What is Quantified Self?

Everybody who uses a scale to weigh himself regularly knows quantified self on a small scale. Quantified self is the numerical measurement and controlling of your life. Click To Tweet As of now, most of it is from the realm

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Create Your Value Dashboard (Exercise)

Exercise 23: Create your own value dashboard. It should contain your satisfaction regarding three to five of your most important values, something to show development, and some element to show your perceived value/waste ratio. Create your own value dashboard today.

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What is Visual Self-Management?

Seeing is the most dominant of all senses. The majority of our sensual input comes through our eyes. Click To Tweet Even if seeing is not your personal preference to get input it is good to use visual tools. The

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What is a Good Lean Self Tool?

With A6es you have seen one tool for self-improvement already. I discussed this tool first, because it focuses on actions towards improvement. However, this is not the only tool available. In the choice of tools my focus is on simplicity.

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How to Control Your Habits (Exercise)

Exercise 22: Complete your “I want to control my habits” A6 from the last exercise. You may want to improve the mantra or value statement. No more advice from me. Go ahead. Now. Start controlling your habits today. Click To

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