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How Often Can You Re-Invent Yourself? 30 Times!

In his blog zenhabits, Leo Babauta mentions that it takes about 30 days to change a habit. That means you can only change one habit a month. That sounds depressingly little. How many habits can you change in the remainder

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How to Form and Unform Habits

Forming new habits is like learning to ride a bicycle. Click To Tweet First, it takes a lot of conscious thinking. But gradually, you become better at it until you need not think much anymore. This can take some time,

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Start controlling your habits (Exercise)

Exercise 21: Prepare an A6. The title or mantra should be something like “I control my habits.” Put in a value statement. I control my habits. Click To Tweet Make sure that you concentrate on your own values. If you

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Make a List of Your Habits (Exercise)

Exercise 20: Make a list of all your habits. Once you have that list, mark every habit with “+” for a good one, “-“ for a bad one, “0” for a neutral one, and “?” for one you cannot decide

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Why Habits Replace Thinking by Routine

Every habit is somewhere between a reflex and conscious action. Reflexes do not require any thinking at all, no matter if they are inborn our acquired. Conscious action, on the other hand, binds a part of your mental capacity while

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