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Why the Pull Principle Beats the Law of Attraction

Today, I provide a “battle of ideas” to you. The opponents are: The Pull Principle (PP): Pull what is valuable for you. Do it actively. Do not expect that it happens without your action. [As defined by Lean Self] The

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Introducing a Star Rating for My Posts

Now it’s very easy to give feedback on Lean Self blog posts: Just give them a star rating. Click To Tweet That’s all for today. Have a good week.

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Have You Tried Visual Management for Kids?

The snapshot above is the morning scoreboard for our kid. Every morning during the week, we have a tight schedule. Both my wife and I work full time. The little one needs to get into kindergarten on time, in order

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Habit Control Cheat Sheet

(Right click on the image and choose “Save target as…” to download full resolution file, 313KB) Some time ago, you have read posts about habit change and habit control. I condensed some of them them into this infographic. Click on

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How to Fight the Meeting Vulture

Many of us have seen meetings in action that waste people’s time and intellectual capacity. This post shows some types of meeting vultures and the “IDEAS2” pattern to overcome them. Here are some meeting vultures in action. Click To Tweet

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