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5 Steps to Find Your Own Personality Brand

Some time ago, I wrote about brands from a more critical point of view. Today I want to show that having your own “personality brand” is good, nevertheless. Having your own brand helps to define your own place in life

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What is the Zero Waste Workweek?

I’m sure most of my readers have heard of or read the book “The Four Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris. Today, I want to put something against it that is even better: The Zero Waste Workweek. It is not about

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How to Build Your Portable Scrum or Kanban Board

Do you need a Scrum or Kanban board that you can take everywhere? Do you have limited space at home? Do you want to keep your walls and furniture free of sticky notes? You could go high-tech and use one

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Why Lean Self is Not an Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

This might be a surprise. Here comes this guy, telling you that Lean Self is using Lean Management practices not only in business but also for self-management. And the same guy says now, this is not an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Nobody

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Have a Look at the New Exercise E-Book

Maybe you have seen it already: I prepared an e-book with all exercises from this blog. With this handy collection, you can take all the exercises with you. Just subscribe to the Lean Self newsletter to get your free copy

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