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Create Your Personal Brand (Exercise)

Some time ago, I posted about 5 Steps to Find Your Own Personality Brand. Why not create one today? Exercise: Create your personal brand today. It might be good to create more than one, depending on the target group you

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3 Reasons Why I don’t Like “Best Practices”

In my line of business, the term “Best Practices” is very common. It is an abbreviation for the sum of all experiences people have made, condensed into how-to instructions, (design or behavior) patterns, lessons learned documents, and so on, written

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How to Drive a Car with the Pareto Principle

Recently, I started a short series about the Pareto Principle and Learning. Today, I want to continue this with an application to the way one acquires his or her driver’s license. Getting your driver’s license is hardcore Pareto thinking at

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Monthly Challenge: Why Would You Suggest Lean Self to Your Friends?

To be frank: I get feedback about this blog on twitter mostly. This is fine for me, but I want to reach the next level: your feedback, on this blog itself. Why Would You Suggest Lean Self to Your Friends?

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The One Question You Should Not Lie About…

There is a question, often asked as an act of politeness. It is deeply rooted into the protocols of greeting and meeting. It is difficult to answer. It is seldomly answered truthfully. Don’t lie to yourself when somebody asks ‘How

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