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Are You Dancing the Quantum Leap?

Today, I want to bring to your attention a problem that many organizations and people have: “quantum leaps.” You surely have heard it often that people said “This is a quantum leap!” or “We need a quantum leap!” What people

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How to Create Your Kanban Board with CardBoard Index Cards

Maybe you already have seen my CardBoard app in Google Play. In the most recent version I have added some Kanban (or Scrum) support. One big advantage of this app over other Kanban solutions is that it is not requiring

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Only One Week Left: Apply for the Lean Beyond Award

I want to be brutally open to you, because you may help me: So far, I have exactly zero applications or nominations for the Lean Beyond Award 2013. Since I have found some interesting blog posts, the award will be

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Why Settle for a Baby and a Little Patch of Land?

You surely know Albert Hammond’s song about the Free Electric Band. Here is a part of it that inspired me to write today’s post: She’d settle for suburbia and a little patch of land So I gave her up for

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Make a List of Your Weaknesses (Exercise)

Exercise: Make a list of your weaknesses. In this post about weaknesses you find tips how to fill it. The first step deal with weaknesses is to know them. Click To Tweet

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