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Can You Blame Blamers for Blaming?

This question may sound silly, but it reveals a real problem. What can you do when confronted with blaming? How should you react when somebody else accuses you of being a blamer? No matter if at home or at work:

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Six Tips for Self-Empowerment

Today you get another glimpse at the Lean Self Pocket Edition. Have a look at these six simple tips for self-empowerment Click To Tweet Empowerment has two roots – internal and external It can come from within yourself – this

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What is the Opposite of Your House Rules? (Exercise)

Have you done the last exercise and created value driven familiy/team/house rules? Today I offer you the opportunity to discover what the opposite would be. But:I do not mean what you would want to avoid. On the contrary: find out

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What is the Lean Self Quick Check?

Here is a short checklist: Find out if you apply the Lean Self principles: Define Value What are the deeper values hidden behind your more obvious goals? Which values are really your own? Which are driven by others? Eliminate Waste

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Take Part in the “Worst Waste” Reader Survey

I’m sure you have read a lot about waste and the waste types in Lean. I would like to know a little about your view on waste. Take Part in the ‘Worst Waste’ Reader Survey Click To Tweet No personal

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