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Agile Kaizen: Speeding Up Continuous Improvement

Today I present you a guest post I have written for Joel Gross, author of TheKaizone Blog. Joel posts about Lean Thinking and Continuous Improvement for Business and for Life. One core principle of Lean is continuous improvement. While in

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What You Can Learn from Restaurants

Lean comes from the world of manufacturing. Today I want to use the organization of a restaurant as an example to show that Lean is not restricted to running and improving factories. I use the restaurant example because it has

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5 Reasons to Quit Waiting for Your Dreams to Come True

Imagine the following dialogue: Person #1: “Since I am 17 I wanted to learn the Italian language.” Person #2: “You are 67, what happened to your dream in the last 50 years?” Person #1: “Well, somehow things never came out

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Welcome to the World of Mini Habits

The journey into Lean Self blogging is very fascinating for me. Sometimes I come up with patently absurd ideas, like micro-meditation or the Lean diary. Then I discover somebody else who made a cool method out of it before. Today

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