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Can You Blame Blamers for Blaming?

This question may sound silly, but it reveals a real problem. What can you do when confronted with blaming? How should you react when somebody else accuses you of being a blamer? No matter if at home or at work:

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The Luck Factor: Wealth, Pareto, Bell – a Love Triangle?

Check the video to get insights about Wealth, Pareto, Bell, and the Luck Factor.

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How to Square Value (Part 2)

Last Wednesday I introduced the tool “Values and Development Square.” Today I want to show you in more detail how to use it. Understand a value conflict between people. Click To Tweet To use the square for understanding such conflicts,

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My “Best Practices” Dislike Post is on Quality Digest Now

Some time ago I posted three reasons why I do not like best practices. I am happy to announce that a polished version can be found on Quality Digest.

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How to Become an NLP Master Trainer

Before you think this guy, who has repeatedly written that he is a skeptic, has gone nuts: I have not changed. It is very easy to become a master trainer for neuro-linguistic programming, NLP in short. Just put the title

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