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The Two Ugly Faces of Waste

Recently, while as was standing with my bike at a red traffic light, I had time for some thoughts about waste. I did not think about any special type of waste.[1] Just the word “waste” itself was what I mulled

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What is Over-Production Waste?

Whenever you produce more than you need, you are creating waste. One typical symptom for over-production is inventory waste. One type of waste which goes hand in hand with over-production is over-processing. I will discuss this later. Over-production is making

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Buffers. A Special Kind of Inventory Waste

A special kind of inventory are buffers, which you can also call temporary inventory. Dirty clothes are a good example for this type of inventory. You need to collect it, until you have enough to fill the washing machine. So

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What is Inventory Waste?

We all possess things, some more, some less. The typical mindset today is that possession equals wealth. Having more things, having bigger things, having more expensive things, having cooler things is what makes you a wealthy person. This mirrors our

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