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Are You Dancing the Quantum Leap?

Today, I want to bring to your attention a problem that many organizations and people have: “quantum leaps.” You surely have heard it often that people said “This is a quantum leap!” or “We need a quantum leap!” What people

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Monthly Challenge: Why Would You Suggest Lean Self to Your Friends?

To be frank: I get feedback about this blog on twitter mostly. This is fine for me, but I want to reach the next level: your feedback, on this blog itself. Why Would You Suggest Lean Self to Your Friends?

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Doing the Right Things vs. Doing Things Right

Using your time wisely can be seen as a matter of efficiency and effectiveness. You surely know the classical definitions of those two terms: Efficiency means reducing input and resources required for a task while effectiveness is increasing useful output.

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Improving What is Good Already

The fifth principle of Lean Self is “Continuously improve. Towards perfection.” That implies that you even improve when something seems to be good. You could rephrase this: Everything can become better than it is already. Click To Tweet Better means

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Why You Need an Improvement Plan

We come back to the issue of continuous improvement. Earlier, I discussed how important it is to do small improvement steps. Except for waste reduction, I did not discuss in detail what to improve and how to improve. There is

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