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Define. Eliminate. Empower. Pull. Improve.

How can you memorize the 5 principles of Lean Self? It is easy: DEEP+ D – Define Value E – Eliminate Waste E – Empower Yourself P – Pull Value + – (Plus) Improve Continuously How do you like that

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Improve something. Now. (Exercise)

Exercise 13: Take the comfort zone you are the happiest with. Find something small to improve. Then improve it. The improvement you are looking after should really be small. It should be something you could change tomorrow. Then make this

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Remember your school time, you still can learn from it today

You might wonder if the learning example from my last post is a contradiction to the pull principle. Late preparation can be understood as doing things at the latest possible moment, reducing superfluous work. However, this depends upon your definition

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Pull what is valuable, do not wait for it

Once you have understood the importance of self-empowerment, the next Lean Self principle will be just a natural consequence for you. Self empowerment also means that you actively go out and pull value. You may need to pull “at yourself”

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