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Welcome to the World of Mini Habits

The journey into Lean Self blogging is very fascinating for me. Sometimes I come up with patently absurd ideas, like micro-meditation or the Lean diary. Then I discover somebody else who made a cool method out of it before. Today

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How to Drive a Car with the Pareto Principle

Recently, I started a short series about the Pareto Principle and Learning. Today, I want to continue this with an application to the way one acquires his or her driver’s license. Getting your driver’s license is hardcore Pareto thinking at

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Doing the Right Things vs. Doing Things Right

Using your time wisely can be seen as a matter of efficiency and effectiveness. You surely know the classical definitions of those two terms: Efficiency means reducing input and resources required for a task while effectiveness is increasing useful output.

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Nobody is perfect (Exercise)

Exercise 18: Find three things in your day to day live you are absolutely satisfied. For each of it, find five ideas for improvement. ‘Nobody is perfect’ can be a lame excuse – or a challenge. Click To Tweet For

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How to Reduce Over-Processing

As I said, over-processing is difficult to detect and therefore, to reduce. You need to prevent it. The only successful way to reduce over-processing is prevention. What can you do? Most important it is to apply the second rule of

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