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Result orientation considered harmful

Suppose you want to teach a child how to ride a bicycle. You give a bike to the child and tell it to drive. The goal is clear: a smooth ride. So you do not give any hints how the

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Goals are not values

So, what are goals? Goals are milestones for your efforts to create value. As life goes, you may change your attitude. So from time to time you should review your goals and values. This is part of the continuous improvement,

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Have you done your Root Value Analysis?

We are coming back at the results of yesterday’s exercixe. Please have a look at them or do the exercise right now, if you skipped it. I call the second exercise “Root Value Analysis.” Suppose one of your answers was

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What are your goals? Why? Why? Why?

It is time to start with some exercises in Lean Self. Allow five to ten minutes for that, not more. Take pen and paper to write down the result. Do not spend too much time on it, it should be

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YOU define value

All of us have things in life that are important to us. Sometimes we agree with others about these things, but in most cases, there are at least slight differences. Others may tell you what is important in life. However,

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