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Do You Listen to Your Own Advice?

This Wednesday, I was fighting against my bicycle. Half of the distance to work I had the feeling to drive uphill. What went wrong? Flashback to exactly two months ago. Click To Tweet

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Welcome to the World of Mini Habits

The journey into Lean Self blogging is very fascinating for me. Sometimes I come up with patently absurd ideas, like micro-meditation or the Lean diary. Then I discover somebody else who made a cool method out of it before. Today

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Habit Stacking in a Nutshell

I recently stumbled upon the book Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less by S.J. Scott. The concept is very simple but powerful. Instead of a classical review, you will find an “in a nutshell”

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How to Write a Lean Diary

Have you ever started a diary, keeping up the enthusiasm for some days, and then skipped the habit? Do you have lots of diaries from your past, but never look into them again? In this post I suggest how to

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3 Reasons Why I don’t Like “Best Practices”

In my line of business, the term “Best Practices” is very common. It is an abbreviation for the sum of all experiences people have made, condensed into how-to instructions, (design or behavior) patterns, lessons learned documents, and so on, written

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