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Why Values are no Absolutes

Recently I stumbled upon some interesting dojo (house) rules of a karate dojo. Using value and development squares we are going to examine these rules today. You will be surprised how the opposite of the rules can also form a

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How to Apply Integrated Self-Management (exercise)

Some time ago, I introduced an infographic that describes an integrated view on self-management. You call it holistic, if you want. At the end of this post you find the infographic again, which you will need to work on today’s

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How to Create Your Personal Dashboard

Dashboards are very good visual instruments. In this post, I give you a template for your own personal dashboards. With this dashboard you can monitor your satisfaction with various aspects of your life. Discover the Lean Self personal dashboard today.

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What is Waste of Intellect?

Waste of intellect is brainpower used for wasteful things. Click To Tweet My first example for intellect waste comes from the waiting waste section. I hope you like the others as well. If you have a to-do list which is

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Your Life. Is it a Process?

Why is this question important at all? Lean Self is about improving yourself. However, you cannot simply say, “I want to improve” and hope that it happens. As discussed ealier and contrary to a widespread misunderstanding, visualizing your future self

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