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Infographic: Integrated Self-Management

Enjoy this poster/infographic As a celebration for over a month continuous blogging… As a sign that I will definitely continue the journey… As a thank you for my readers… (Right click on the image and choose “Save target as…” to

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12 Elements of integrated Self Management

As a little sideline from the continuous stream so far: Here is a draft for an integrated (you could also say holistic) Self Management System, following Lean Self. Arrows show directions of main influence, the numbers mark the five Lean

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4 Rules to Empower Yourself: Apply Lean

How can you achieve improvement through Lean Self? By acting upon four rules: Empower yourself, never blame yourself or others. Believe that everything can be simpler and better than it is right now. Always look out to identify eliminate waste

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Self-improvement for skeptics

Here is my main reason to write about Lean Self. To my mind, the self-help industry is somewhat dubious. A lot of it falls into one or more of the following categories: Promotion of wishful thinking, aka visualization of goals,

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