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Why You Should Re-Train Your Lizard Brain

One morning my son was cutting an apple for his school breakfast. Being a first grader, he was used to his knife since kindergarten time. The whole family was in a comfort zone with that knife. Suddenly, while my son

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The Winners: Lean Beyond Award 2013

Finally, I can present you the winners of the Lean Beyond Award 2013. Collecting candidates was not as easy as expected, but finally I got some nominations via my twitter feed. I hope you like my choice of winners and

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Are You Dancing the Quantum Leap?

Today, I want to bring to your attention a problem that many organizations and people have: “quantum leaps.” You surely have heard it often that people said “This is a quantum leap!” or “We need a quantum leap!” What people

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Make a List of Your Weaknesses (Exercise)

Exercise: Make a list of your weaknesses. In this post about weaknesses you find tips how to fill it. The first step deal with weaknesses is to know them. Click To Tweet

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How to Square Value (Part 1)

Do you have conflicting values? Did you identify some personal weaknesses you want to overcome? Do you have a conflict with somebody you want to resolve which is rooted in differing values? There is help coming from a tool which

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